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05.18.23 -- The Future Of Connected Vehicles, Autonomous Vehicles, And Autonomous Driving

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Spotlight On Automotive & Connected Vehicles
Electromagnetic Interference Shielding: A Key Component Of Engineering Design

Electromagnetic interference (EMI), also known as radio frequency interference (RFI), results when an outside source causes noise or interference in an electrical path or circuit. Shielding is necessary to prevent EMI from causing electronic devices to malfunction.

Making Electric Vehicle Wireless Charging Systems A Reality

As EV adoption for both consumer and commercial purposes rapidly grows, so does the need for improved charging infrastructure. Currently, wireless charging is the newest EV charging technology.

Automotive Pulse Test Solution

One of the most severe threats to automobile electronics is air traffic control radar, which can expose vehicles to high-strength pulsed fields. Over the years, manufacturers have developed automobile OEM specifications to test the susceptibility of electronics to these threats.

Automotive UWB Device Testing Over The Air

In this application note, R&S’s OTA test solution covering transmitter (Tx), receiver (Rx), and time of flight (ToF) testing in wireless automated testing (WMT) environment is described.

How To Solve The 3 Most Common SiC Issues In EVs

Electric vehicles (EVs) represent a radical shift from the internal combustion engines (ICE) that have dominated vehicle sales for nearly a century, and manufacturers are hunting for disruptive technology to make their EVs stand out.

Industry Insights
High-Performance Integrated 24 GHz FMCW Radar Transceiver Chipset

The ADF5904 is designed for multichannel receiver, high-frequency applications that use digital beamforming, such as automotive ADAS radar, microwave radar sensors, and industrial radar system environments where energy efficiency is becoming a more important system-level design consideration. 

Automotive Ethernet: See The True Signal

This white paper discusses automotive Ethernet, full-duplex communication, the need to separate master and slave signals, signal separation testing methodologies, and a comparison of the current directional coupler insertion method and the Tektronix new signal separation method.

Auto-Radar Drive Scenario Simulation: Increasing Realism With Multipath, Diffuse Scattering, And Micro-Doppler

Learn how Remcom’s WaveFarer Radar Simulation Software uses raytracing to simulate virtual drive scenarios and predict radar returns as a system moves through an environment with vehicles, roadway structures, pedestrians, and other objects.

Understanding And Implementing RF Current Probes

Current probes generate and measure RF currents, combining great diagnostic utility with ease of use. However, a basic knowledge of these devices is necessary to maximize their effectiveness.  

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Featured Multimedia
Qorvo Automotive Solutions

Qorvo offers an expanding portfolio of automotive related products for Wi-Fi applications which includes high-linearity front end modules (FEMs), low-loss switches, and filters. These products are designed to reduce the time it takes to develop Wi-Fi systems, making it easier to implement onto and an automotive PCB design.

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How Cellular-V2X (C-V2X) Makes Driving Safer And More Efficient

This poster offers a comprehensive overview of applications enabled by C-V2X, including example scenarios, an explanation of the different types of communications such as Uu and PC5, and a list of regional standards bodies.

Featured Products And Resources
Passive GaAs MMIC Bandpass Filter Family: MFBC-00020CH

The MFBC-000XXCH family of passive MMIC bandpass filters are an ideal solution for small form factor, mmWave, high rejection filtering. Passive GaAs MMIC technology allows production of smaller filter constructions that replace larger form factor circuit board constructions.

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Marki Microwave
0.8 - 3.2 GHz, 1,000-Watt Typ Solid-State High-Power Amplifier: AMP2103P-LC

The AMP2103P-LC solid-state high-power amplifier is designed for EMI/RFI, lab, CW/pulse, and all communication applications and features instantaneous ultra-wide bandwidth and built-in protection circuits, with extensive monitoring.

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Exodus Advanced Communications
4-Port Transceiver Test System 2-6 GHz: 50PMA-106

JFW’s Model 50PMA-106 is a four-port transceiver test system operating from 2,000-6,000 MHz in a 19-inch rack mount enclosure. It has a mesh configuration with full fan-out. With this type of construction, there is a path between every pair of ports.

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JFW Industries, Inc.
EMSense 40

ETS-Lindgren's laser-powered EMSense 40 Electric Field Probe embodies the latest innovations in isotropic sensor design, low noise, and miniaturized electronics. Designed to be single range reading, the EMSense 40 can read data continuously over the entire dynamic range. 

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