News | December 5, 2023

Tektronix Introduces The MSO 4 Series B Mixed-Signal Oscilloscope, With Increased Processing Power, Analysis Capabilities And High-Speed Data Transfer

New computing platform doubles responsiveness, combining it with award-winning Tektronix user interface and remote execution capabilities

Tektronix, Inc. The leading test and measurement company, part of the Fortive Group, today announced the launch of the 4 B Series Mixed Signal Oscilloscope (MSO), featuring industry-leading measurement performance. channels, an unparalleled user experience and advanced analytics capabilities. Built for embedded system designers who demand advanced precision, versatility and ease of use, the Tektronix MSO Series 4 B oscilloscope offers the same cutting-edge signal fidelity as its predecessor, the Series 4, with 200 MHz bandwidths at 1.5 GHz, real-time sampling at 6.25 GS/s and up to 16-bit vertical resolution. It also includes the same award-winning made-for-touch user interface, but with an updated processor system. Customers will notice that the MSO 4 Series B user interface is twice as responsive and boasts significantly accelerated advanced analytics.

“The MSO Series 4 B was developed to enable designers to analyze their systems faster, to reduce time-to-market pressure,” said Daryl Ellis, Mainstream Portfolio General Manager at Tektronix. “The user interface, designed for touch use, is intuitive, informative and now even more responsive. With the MSO Series 4 B our customers will be able to tackle 99% of their mixed-signal design challenges and have fun doing it”.

The MSO Series 4 B is available with up to six input channels, making it suitable for power analysis in three-phase circuits, and the unique Spectrum View offers multi-channel spectrum analysis in sync with power forms. wave in the time domain. In addition to speeding up front panel operation, the updated processor system also speeds up remote operation. The MSO Series 4 B can be accessed and controlled remotely using a simple web browser, dedicated TekScope PC software, or through a custom program via a comprehensive programming interface. The 4 B Series dramatically improves response time on more than 25 serial decoding packages for inter-chip buses, automotive, power, aerospace and more. It also accelerates the algorithms and graphs used in existing analysis packages for power measurements, motor analysis, and double-pulse testing.

“This tool offers accuracy and analysis capabilities that make it ideal for the challenges designers face every day, such as signal chain debugging, power measurements, serial protocol analysis and noise, to name a few,” said Jeffrey Miller, Series 4 Product Planner. “What sets the Series 4 B MSO apart is its world-class user experience and faster analysis capabilities.”

To support this unprecedented level of user experience, the MSO Series 4 B features a 13.3-inch HD (1920x1080) display that uses industry-leading special optical bonding for increased screen contrast and viewing angle. Thanks to 12-bit analog-to-digital converters and high sampling rate, the 4 B Series shows in-depth signal details.

The Tektronix 4 B Series MSO is now available globally. For more information, visit .

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