News | December 4, 2012

TE Connectivity's High-Speed Copper Cable Solutions Increase Networking Performance In Harsh Environments


Offer Reduced Size and Weight, Shortened Engineering Time, Ruggedized Signal Integrity

In an electronics driven world, increased usages of high-speed protocols are necessary to be able to deliver information from one point to the next.

TE Connectivity (TE) has answered the increasing data requirements and reliable data transfer demands with high-speed copper cable solutions that offer improved networking performance in extreme applications. The smaller, lighter high-speed cables result in a smaller bend radius leading to greater flexibility in routing.

“TE’s leadership in materials sciences and engineering places us on the forefront of cable design,” said Jill Weir, Wire & Cable Product Manager, TE Aerospace, Defense & Marine. “Our matched impedance high-speed data cables and connectors are of exceeding quality, with reduced weight, size and complexity, along with an ability to protect cables from harsh environments and electro-magnetic interferences (EMI).”

The increased bandwidth that is required for today’s communication standards such as Ethernet, Firewire/IEEE 1394, FiberChannel, and USB 3.0 and 2.0 protocols is currently met in a number of aerospace, defense and marine applications. “TE can provide unique end-to-end cable assembly solutions to meet present and future high-bandwidth applications,” added Weir. “Our high-speed copper cables are easy to use and save engineering time and costs, giving engineers more time to focus on the overall platform design.”

TE copper cables meet the demands for a number of high performance applications, including aerospace, in-flight entertainment, radar systems, thermal imaging, situational awareness, missiles, weapon systems, smart soldiers, and more.

“Increasing platform complexity requires dependable solutions to transmit data in harsh environments,” said John Wadeley, Regional Product Manager, Global TE Aerospace, Defense & Marine. “TE’s high-speed copper cables provide ruggedized signal integrity in mission critical applications.”

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