Synthesized LO Loop Test Translators (LTTs): ALR Series

Source: AtlanTecRF

Synthesized LO Loop Test Translators (LTTs): ALR Series

The new ALR series of dual channel loop test translators (LTTs) features simultaneous operation within the Ka and Ku bands, and has the ability to introduce different transfer characteristics in each channel. These instruments are used in an array of testing applications for frequency conversions of uplink (Tx) frequencies to either downlink (Rx) frequencies or to L-Band, and for L-Band to downlink (Rx).

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The ALR series is extremely versatile, features local and remote Ethernet control, and comes with standard and custom product options. Features include LO frequency steps at 25 MHz, a maximum input at 10 dB, minimum attenuation range of 30 dB, and 50 ohms of impedance.

Download the datasheet for more product options, specifications, and configurations.

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