SuperFlex 0.047 Cable Assemblies

Source: SV Microwave, an Amphenol Company

SV Microwave, an Amphenol Company, offers fixed length RF cable assemblies using its most flexible 0.047 cable. This super flexible coax cable is capable of extreme bends which allow it to fit in tight spaces and route for any application.

The SuperFlex cable assemblies fit all standard interfaces including SMA, 2.92 mm, 2.4 mm, 1,85 mm, and SMPx. Additional features include an inside bend radius of 0.625”, low solder wicking for high flexibility behind the cable ferrule, and a helically wrapped outer conductor for excellent RF shielding. Cable assembly configurations are currently available using SMA and/or SMPM connector series at 6” and 12” lengths. Custom variations are available as well. 

For additional information on the SuperFlex 0.047 cable assemblies, download the datasheet.