Video | October 12, 2017

Spectrum Monitoring In The Modern Environment

Source: Berkeley Nucleonics Corporation
Spectrum Monitoring In The Modern Environment

As wireless spectrums grow and evolve with the adoption of connected devices and networks like 5G, monitoring the signals of interest becomes much more important for commercial, government, and defense applications. The requirements for spectrum monitoring have also changed dramatically due to complex waveforms, wider bandwidths, and higher frequencies.

This webinar will address the issues and challenges that users are faced with when monitoring the spectrum in complex environments, how software-defined radio can overcome these challenges and changes the spectrum monitoring landscape, and present real-world examples of monitoring signals.

Presenters: Dr. Nikhil Adnani, Thought Leader and Industry Expert; Alex Palm, VP- Microwave Devision, BNC; Dr. Don Goodeve, Industry Expert

Check out the webinar below and download the presentation and datasheet for more information.

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