Space Level Quartz Crystals

Source: Bliley Technologies, Inc.
Space Level Quartz Crystals

Space level quartz crystals by Bliley are manufactured with premium Q, swept quartz material traceable to the quartz bar and growing autoclave. From the quartz bar to the finished crystal, 100% of the manufacturing takes place in the USA.

Each of these quartz crystals feature ruggedized mounting for excellent shock and vibration performance, and each are closely examined under magnification at the precap inspection point in order to ensure superior long-term performance and reliability. These crystals have been designed for both commercial and military environments, as well as in-orbit space missions with a life of 20 years or less.

They’re ideal for applications involving communications, radar, beacons, deep space exploration, navigation, up/down converters, and much more. For additional information on Bliley’s space level quartz crystals and some of the projects they’ve been involved with, download the datasheet.