News | April 28, 1999

South Central Telcom Selects Newbridge Networks LMDS Solution

Newbridge Networks (Kanata, ON) is now the networking vendor for the implementation of a local multipoint distribution service (LMDS) network for South Central Telcom, a Herndon-VA-headquartered telecommunications service provider and LMDS spectrum holder. Full-scale deployment of network services is slated for mid-1999.

LMDS, a high frequency broadband wireless system operating in the 28 GHz spectrum, delivers data, Internet, voice, video, and multimedia services using point-to-multipoint distribution systems. South Central Telcom holds Federal Communications Commission (FCC) LMDS spectrum licenses for both A- and B-band spectrums with a coverage area of 18,000 sq miles. The Newbridge LMDS network will enable South Central to expand its current offerings to deliver telemedicine, distance learning, and leased line services.

South Central Telcom is the third US LMDS licensee to select the Newbridge broadband wireless solution, following agreements with Central Texas Communications and Home Telephone Inc.

Newbridge has also announced it is supplying LMDS networks to Canadian nationwide spectrum holder MaxLink Communications Inc. and Korea Telecom.

The Newbridge broadband wireless solution for LMDS is a multiservice network comprising base station and customer premise equipment. A base station, consisting of the Siemens/Newbridge MainStreetXpress 36170 multiservices switch and point-to-multipoint transmitters and receivers, is the central location that collects all traffic to and from customers within a given wireless coverage area. It is also the linking point between the customer and the network backbone. Customer premise equipment includes transceivers and network interface units (NIUs), which support a range of services. The MainStreetXpress 46020 Network Manager will manage both the wireless and wireline portions of the South Central Telcom network, providing billing, statistics, and maintenance support.