SonnetLab™ Toolbox For MATLAB®

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SonnetLab™ Toolbox For MATLAB®
SonnetLab™ is a free MATLAB® toolbox that enables users to control and automate Sonnet's 3D planar high frequency electromagnetic (EM) simulator. Users can manipulate every aspect of a Sonnet project from within the MATLAB environment. SonnetLab is fully compatible with all Sonnet Suites product levels, including our free version, Sonnet Lite.

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SonnetLab™ Toolbox For MATLAB® - User Guide

With the SonnetLab toolbox you can:

  • Enhance EM-based tuning and optimization of circuits
  • Avoid repetitive work in model creation by automating similar tasks
  • Drive Sonnet's 3D planar high frequency EM analysis engine directly from MATLAB
  • Increase productivity and save time by writing scripts to modify layouts
  • Extend the functionality of Sonnet by implementing advanced MATLAB optimization algorithms
  • And much more...

The SonnetLab toolbox can be adapted to meet the needs of your high frequency RF design workflow. Users can automate the tuning and optimization of RF and microwave circuits in order to avoid repetitive work. The non-restrictive nature of SonnetLab allows for users to modify and extend SonnetLab to provide custom functionality to meet the needs of even the most demanding user.

As an example many Sonnet users want to parameterize items such as the number of turns in a spiral inductor. With geometry optimization in SonnetLab, users can alter any value in a project, which allows users to write scripts that alter aspects of the project that cannot be parameterized by simple linear shifts of vertices.

SonnetLab makes it possible for users add and remove polygons from a layout. Sonnet's own integrated Project Editor does not have the functionality to parameterize the existence of a polygon but SonnetLab can easily add and remove polygons from a layout, save the project and re-simulate.

The functionality of Sonnet is extended with the use of SonnetLab by integrating the advanced optimization algorithms capabilities found in MATLAB's RF and Optimization toolboxes. With this integration ability, users can employ the optimization toolbox to optimize circuit layouts using optimization techniques other than Sonnet's built-in gradient optimizer, or users can even write their own custom optimization routines to meet the specific needs of their project. SonnetLab can implement any conceivable optimization algorithm including: Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO), Ant Colony Optimization (ACO), Genetic Algorithm (GA), Simulated Annealing (SA), random search, or any other algorithm you may wish to develop.

For SonnetLab tutorials and free download of the toolbox, visit the SonnetLab page:

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SonnetLab™ Toolbox For MATLAB® - User Guide