Sonnet® Professional Suite™ V16

Source: Sonnet Software

Sonnet® Professional Suite™ V16

The new 16.54 release of the Sonnet® Professional Suite™ expands the current software features to facilitate more freedom, flexibility, and optimal results in design projects. The V16 is now more accurate and efficient in circuit designs due to the automation and integration with their third party EDA vendors.

The Sonnet® V16’s Microwave Office Interface provides a completely integrated “solver on request” interface between NI AWR’s Microwave Office (Version 13 and above) and Sonnet Suites. A maximum thread count provides up to a 50% speed boost in larger projects, and the enhanced ABS preview features permits that has not yet reached convergence to be paused in order to preview and evaluate the data. Other new and enriched features include pinpoint resonance detection, options for thick metal extrusion, and custom user model components.

For more in-depth information on the different features, specifications, and components offered in the Sonnet® Professional Suite™ V16, download the datasheet.

Check out the video below for a brief overview of the software.