Sonnet Lite™: Free Student Version Of Sonnet Suites Software

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Sonnet Lite™ is a free feature-limited version of Sonnet's professional Sonnet Suites, which provides high frequency 3D planar electromagnetic (EM) analysis to thousands of companies across the globe. Many major manufacturers of high-frequency components and RF circuit boards depend on Sonnet to analyze their predominantly planar high-frequency designs from 1 MHz through several THz. You can download the software directly from Sonnet’s website right now - it's FREE.

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The Sonnet Lite Suite

With Sonnet Lite, users can utilize the many features of the software, including:

  • EM Analysis of arbitrary microstrip and stripline circuits (including vias)
  • Shielding enclosures and package effect analysis
  • Circuit response data plotting and current density visualization
  • Adaptive Band Synthesis (ABS) for incredibly fast frequency sweeps
  • Set and sweep geometry and material parameters
  • Include lumped elements and external component data in EM analysis
  • SPICE model extraction
  • Seamless EM co-simulation with Agilent ADS and AWR Microwave Office
  • Surface mount passive components in EM analysis
  • A low-cost upgrade (Sonnet Lite Plus) is available <./li>
  • DXF import/export and enables 1 parameter optimization.


Sonnet Lite provides a full-wave EM solution for 3D planar circuits and enables you to solve problems that require no more than 1 MB of RAM, which is ideal for simple transmission line or discontinuity analysis without giving any personal information. In return for registering the software and providing a name and contact information, Sonnet will in return send a license to expand the memory resource limit to 16 MB of RAM, making Sonnet Lite capable of analysis of small planar filters, interconnects and patch antennas.

Examples of the types of problems that Sonnet Lite can solve include:

  • Microstrip matching networks
  • Lossy spiral inductors with bridges
  • Via (inter-layer or grounded)
  • Coupled transmission line analysis
  • Microwave circuit discontinuities
  • Broadside-coupled transmission lines
  • Planar interconnects
  • Microstrip or stripline filters
  • MIM capacitors
  • Mounting pad characterization
  • PCB trace crosstalk analysis
  • Planar couplers/splitters
  • Package resonances
  • Any arbitrarily shaped metal pattern


For FREE download of Sonnet Lite, visit sonnet’s website at:

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The Sonnet Lite Suite