Magazine Article | August 2, 2013

Solving The Repair-Or-Replace Dilemma

Source: dB Control
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By Steve Walley, VP of business development, dB Control

Repair depots provide a compelling alternative to OEMs trying to decide between replacing defective/obsolete electronic products and repairing them in-house.

When service is required for RF and microwave electronic products, some original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) find it more convenient and economical to replace the product rather than repair it in-house. For these manufacturers, the time and money required to process authorized returns, hire repair technicians, buy test equipment, and manage the quality of repaired products simply aren’t worth it. This is especially true in the defense sector, where stringent performance requirements must be met.

Another drawback of in-house repair is that it can take an OEM’s focus away from its core competencies and impede research and development. When design engineers are doubling as test and repair technicians, there often isn’t much time left for new product development. For these reasons — and more — companies are finding repair depot services a favorable alternative to repairing or replacing defective or obsolete products.