Solid-State Programmable Attenuator: 50P-1501

Source: JFW Industries, Inc.

Model 50P-1501 is a 50 Ohm solid-state programmable attenuator with attenuation range 0 to 127dB by 1dB steps. It operates 200 MHz to 3 GHz and is rated for +20 dBm of RF input power. This step attenuator is available with BNC, N, or SMA coaxial RF connectors. The attenuator has seven individually controlled steps: 1dB, 2dB, 4dB, 8dB, 16dB, 32dB, and 64dB.

Each of the attenuation steps has a corresponding TTL control line.  There are seven TTL control lines for this model.  See the outline drawing for the control pinout.  TTL high will turn on an attenuation step.  TTL low will turn off an attenuation step.  Use multiple control lines simultaneously to set combinational attenuation values.  To activate the 7dB setting, the 1dB/2dB/4dB control lines must all be TTL high.  To activate the 17dB setting, the 1dB/16dB control lines must be TTL high.  To set the attenuator to the insertion loss state (i.e. 0dB setting), all control lines must be set to TTL low.