News | April 24, 2024

Signal Hound Introduces The RFS44 4-Port Antenna Switch Now In Stock And Available To Order

Today Signal Hound – manufacturer of accessible, versatile, precision test equipment – announced the addition of the RFS44 to its expanding product line. This powerful, ultra-fast antenna switch is in stock and available to order now. The RFS44 is a single pole four throw (SP4T) absorptive solid-state switch. Using silicon-on-insulator (SOI) technology, the RFS44 provides RF switching across four ports at up to 44 GHz.

“The RFS44 allows engineers to switch from LF all the way through the Ka band and utilize this versatile tool in pseudo-doppler direction finding applications,” said Justin Crooks, Senior Engineer. “With ultra-fast switch speed, 3 ns rise/fall times, and direct access from our proprietary Spike software, the RFS44 enables multi-band sweeping and direction finding to the SP145 as well as the SM200 and SM435 product lines.”

Additional RFS44 Applications:

  • Automated Testing
  • Antenna Polarization
  • Satellite Communications
  • Industrial Automation & Test
  • Radar
  • 5G Wireless

The RFS44 4-Port Antenna Switch operates at a frequency range of 100 kHz to 44 GHz, is direct logic control enabled, boasts a 20 ns switch time, and allows for frequency or interval switching with supported hardware. With a standard operating temperature range of -40°F to 185°F (-40°C to +85°C), the RFS44 weighs only 8.9 oz. (0.25 kg) and measures only 4.09” x 4.17” x 1.32” (104mm x 106mm x 34mm).

Visit RFS44 Antenna Switch to learn more and add this exciting new product to your toolbox.

About Signal Hound
Signal Hound is a manufacturer of high-performance, accessible test equipment based in Battle Ground, WA. Starting out as Test Equipment Plus in 1996 and offering used test equipment and repair services, Signal Hound expanded its offerings in 2010 with the introduction of the USB-SA44 USB-powered spectrum analyzer. Signal Hound has since added several award-winning RF spectrum analyzers and signal generators, now sold globally. For more information, visit

Source: Signal Hound