6 GHz Signal Generator: Model 835-6

Source: Berkeley Nucleonics Corporation

6 GHz Signal Generator: Model 835-6

This low-noise and fast-switching analog signal generator covers the 9 kHz to 6.1 GHz frequency range and is ideal for applications involving EMC/EMI testing, R&D labs, and installation and maintenance.

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Berkeley Nucleonics 835-6 is essentially suited for applications that require high-quality analog signals. It provides a cost-effective alternative to high-end RF signal generators and features a 200 µs frequency switching time, excellent SSB phase noise, comprehensive AM, low distortion, wideband FM and PM, high speed pulse, modulation for testing all types of receivers, and more.

For additional information on the signal generator’s features and specifications, download the datasheet. To see how its performance compares to Agilent’s MXG and N9310 signal generators, download the comparison chart.

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