Shelter Connectivity Solutions

Shelter Connectivity Solutions

Highly mobile shelters deployed in harsh environments rely on the high connectivity, security, and other benefits that an RF-over-Fiber system has to offer. HUBER+SUHNER provides fiber optic cables that allow for shelters to be positioned far away from the antennas, yet still ensure that antenna links and the shelter are secure. These fiber optic cables are also able to reduce the cable footprint of the application, making the solution lighter in weight, higher in mobility, and dramatically speed up and simplify installation and maintenance.

The HUBER+SUHNER RADOX® fiber optic cable built within the RF-over-Fiber system is designed to ensure superior and continuous performance in challenging environments, and provide immunity to EMI, EMC, and EMP. H&S also covers any additional connectivity requirements within shelter applications in addition to the RF-over-Fiber. Other offered components include antennas, lightning protectors, and military qualified cable assemblies.

Key benefits of RF-over-Fiber in shelters:

  • Safety – enables greater distances between shelter personnel and RF equipment
  • Security – lower risk of tapping and immunity to EMI and EMC
  • Higher performance – more distances covered quickly with very low loss
  • Ruggedized – designed for use in harsh environments
  • High mobility – light-weight and reduces cable footprint

For more information on HUBER+SUHNER ’s shelter connectivity product solutions, visit their webpage or download the Defense Solutions Catalog (page 116).