Application Note

Application Note: Setting Up Ultra-Fast Noise Parameters Using The Agilent PNA-X

Source: Maury Microwave Corporation

This application note provides step-by-step instructions for setting up a test bench for ultra-fast noise parameters measurement using a Maury MT98x Series automated tuner, Maury ATS software version 5.1 with the MT993B01 Ultra-Fast Noise Parameter Option, and the Agilent PNA-X network analyzer.

The Ultra-Fast Noise Parameter Measurement Option is over 2 orders of magnitude faster and produces smoother and more accurate results than other methods. With 73 frequencies, the total time for the in-situ system cal, noise receiver cal, and DUT measurement takes about 8 minutes, not including connection or s-parameter calibration time. Typically, the noise receiver cal takes about 2 minutes and the DUT measurement takes under 2 minutes.