News | February 1, 1999

Semelab Licenses Intek Linear Modulation Technology

Intek Global Corp. has signed a licensing agreement with Semelab. Under the pact, Semelab, a British semiconductor developer, has the worldwide rights to manufacture and distribute RF power amplifiers developed using Intek's proprietary linear modulation technology.

Linear modulation is an RF transmission technique designed to provide high performance characteristics to wireless systems. Specifically designed for narrowband applications, Intek's linear modulation scheme employs two main methods to improve performance characteristics. These are reference vector equalization (RVE) and Cartesian loop linearization (CLL).

In order to ensure that the amplitude and phase information contained in a wireless signal is preserved, and to prevent leakage into the adjacent channel due to intermodulation products, a very linear transmitter is required. This is achieved through CLL. In this technique the transmitted output is sampled and demodulated back to baseband in-phase (I) and quadrature (Q) components.

The RVE technique equalizes the radio path to give linear amplitude and phase response across the whole bandwidth, allowing a high degree of correction for multipath and Doppler effects as well as permitting the use of complex modulation schemes.

Semelab will use Intek's linear modulation scheme to develop power amplifiers for UHF and VHF applications. The company is also planning to employ the technology in power amp designs for other emerging markets.