Selective Radiation Meter: SRM 3006

Source: Narda Safety Test Solutions GmbH
Selective Radiation Meter: SRM 3006

The SRM-3006 selective radiation meter is Narda’s second generation, hand-held system for performing narrowband analysis of electromagnetic fields. Unlike a broadband meter, the SRM-3006 has the capability to provide results of individual emitters in an antenna field and also generate a total of all emitters.

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Selective Radiation Meter: SRM 3006 - Datasheet

The SRM-3006 selective radiation meter permits verifying compliance with the US FCC’s “5% Rule” as well as accurately detect fields well below domestic and international standards. This selective radiation meter can also measure fields more accurately than broadband equipment and more importantly, it is able to provide more information than just the total - like exactly what emitter or emitters are generating the most of the power.

No other measurement system gives you the information and accuracy that the SRM-3006 selective radiation meter does. Narda Safety Test Solutions provides complete calibration information standard with every unit, just as you’d expect from the world leader in RF and microwave safety instrumentation.

  • Measures and displays individual emitter’s field strength and the total of all emitters.
  • Performs isotropic and single axis measurements.
  • Displays readings in common field strength units, or as a percentage of FCC Regulation.
  • Provides GPS and voice recorder functions to simplify survey reports.