News | February 22, 2017

SAE International Publishes New Standard To Certify Radio Frequency Identification Tags For Aerospace Batteries

Warrendale, PA (PRWEB) - SAE International has published a new technical standard on the criteria for the certification of active and battery assisted passive radio frequency identification (RFID) tags for use in aerospace industry.

“SAE AS6023: Active and battery assisted RFID Tags Intended for Aircraft Use” was created by SAE International’s G-18 Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Aero Applications committee consisting of many stakeholders in the aerospace industry.

AS6023 provides guidance on the environmental tests that the tags need to comply with to meet the certification requirements. This will form the basis for a new FAA Advisory Circular (AC) to be released soon.

Active and battery assisted passive RFID tags are being widely promoted for several aircraft applications. Some of the applications include: sensing temperature, vibration, stress, fatigue, switch state, cargo monitoring, etc. Because these tags have a battery and transmit RF there is a possibility they could interfere with safety of flight.

G-18 committee considered several use cases that improve operational efficiency for airlines and open up innovative opportunities for information services.

Active and battery assisted passive RFID tags transmit RF signal that is in the unlicensed (or license exempt) bands as defined by the country regulatory authorities. Unlike passive RFID standard, SAE G-18 committee included additional tests such as RF susceptibility and RF emissions in order to minimize the potential for interference.

“This new standard is the culmination of hard work by several subject matter experts that will pave the way for safe and cost-effective products to be deployed on aircraft,” Anil Kumar, Co-chair, SAE International G-18 Committee. For more information about AS6023, or to purchase the standard, visit

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