S-Band 1 MW Klystron Transmitter: VPS3499

CPI vps3499 Klystron Amp clip

The VPS3499 is a 1 MW, S-Band Klystron transmitter available for weather radar. This microwave transmitter uses a CPI Klystron amplifier as the RF output device and offers a compact, user-friendly, and cost-effective microwave power source with excellent pulsed Doppler capability.

The transmitter includes a high voltage power supply, solenoid power supply, solenoid for the Klystron,1000 kW S-band Klystron, solid state switch, and the high voltage oil tank assembly which includes the pulse transformer, energy storage high voltage capacitor, and filament power supply. CPI has integrated these components into the transmitter cabinet.

For additional information on the VPS3499 Klystron transmitter, download the available datasheet.

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