RF Transistor: 2729GN-500V

Source: Microsemi Corporation

RF Transistor: 2729GN-500V

Microsemi’s 2729GN-500V RF transistor is based on GaN on SiC technologies and targeted at high-power air traffic control airport surveillance radar applications. The 2729GN-500V delivers unparalleled performance of 500W of peak power with 12 dB of power gain and 53% drain efficiency over band 2.7 to 2.9 GHz band.

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Additional features include:

  • Standard pulse burst format: 100µs, 10% DF (microseconds);
  • 500W power output;
  • High power gain: >11.5 dB min;
  • Drain bias − Vdd: +50V;
  • Low thermal resistance: 0.19 degrees C/W;
  • Single-ended package built with 100% percent high-temperature gold metallization and wires in a hermetically solder-sealed package.

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