20 – 5,000 MHz 1P8T RF Switch For Economical Automated RF Testing: 50S-2133 SMA

Source: JFW Industries, Inc.

The 50S-2133 SMA from JFW is a solid-state, self-terminating 1P8T RF switch designed for economical automated RF testing applications in the 20 – 5,000 MHz frequency range.

This switch is rated for +20 dBm RF input power and is an absorptive type (i.e. self-terminating). The unused ports will self-terminate at 50 Ohm impedance, and it is available with 50 Ohm SMA female RF connectors. The switch has four BCD control lines that are activated with TTL signal levels.

For additional information on the 50S-2133 SMA switch, download the datasheet.