RF Signal Boosters

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Bird Technologies, TX RX Systems brand, designs and builds superior reliable RF signal boosters for all types of environmental and RF challenging conditions. In the late 70's, it was Bird that designed and installed the very first signal booster. Bird’s RF signal boosters meet the needs for Enterprise, Mission Critical, Operations Critical, NFPA Compliant, Channelized and Digital applications.

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RescueLine Signal Boosters
Complies with New International Fire Code and National Fire Protection Association (IFC/NFPA) Standards. The SBII and the SBIII Series have models that are part of the RescueLine product family.

Signal Booster III Series
This product series offers a couple different models that offer programmable filter flexibility design to master the challenges of a changing RF environment. Models are available to support UHF and 700/800MHz. The 700/800 Digital Booster model is part of the RescueLine product family.

Signal Booster II Series
This model has been considered the industry standard for Mission Critical LMR / Public Safety Signal Boosters. It covers UHF, 700/800/900 MHz frequencies and is part of the RescueLine product family.

Signal Booster I Series
Exceptional balance of performance and value for extended coverage of radio communications networks. Covers full Public Safety band in accordance with latest FCC configuration code. Models for indoor and outdoor applications.

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