News | June 17, 2014

RF Industries Expands Offering Of Low PIM 4.1/9.5 (Mini) DIN Adapters With 2 New Variations


In addition to 8 variations of 4.1/9.5 (Mini) DIN to N type and 7/16 DIN adapters, RF Industries developed a 4.1/9.5 (Mini) DIN male to female right angle and straight adapters. The 4.1/9.5 (Mini) DIN is essentially a compact version of the 7-16 DIN with similar electrical performance. Applications include wireless infrastructure sites, indoor/outdoor DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems) requiring low PIM (Passive Intermodulation) performance.

The right angle adapter features a radius internal design that provides constant 50 ohm impedance for optimum electrical performance to 7.5 GHz. Both adapters have large hex nuts on the male interface for easy mating with a torque wrench. All adapters are manufactured with brass bodies in durable non-tarnish tri-metal (white bronze) plating with a PIM rating of less than or equal to -160dBc using 2 tones at 20 watts.

  • 4.1/9.5 DIN male to female straight, part number RFD-4195-1950
  • 4.1/9.5 DIN male to female right angle, part number RFD-4195-1952

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SOURCE: RF Industries