News | June 3, 2015

RF Front End Market To Reach $19B By 2020

RF Integrated Modules for Smartphones Driving 24% Growth in 2015

Campbell, CA /PRNewswire/ -- On June 3, Mobile Experts LLC released a market study on RF Front Ends for Mobile Devices. This comprehensive study provides a detailed view of the amplifiers, filters, switches, tuning elements, antennas and integrated modules that form the radio front end. The report covers mobile handsets, tablets, PCs and machine-to-machine modems.

"The handset market is hot right now, growing by 24 percent this year," explained Joe Madden, Principal Analyst at Mobile Experts. "The popularity of high-end smartphones with high numbers of RF bands has driven the market toward higher RF content, especially for LTE devices with MIMO and Carrier Aggregation." 

"Multiple disruptive technologies are impacting the smartphone radio design simultaneously, so Mobile Experts includes detailed block diagrams and cost analysis to illustrate how the future radio design is likely to play out. We've interviewed more than 50 companies to find a balanced view of future handset design. Other analysts focus on tear-down analysis for a good view of today's designs. Our approach has been very successful in predicting new technology adoption, two years in advance."

"It's a grand time right now for RF suppliers, but the market will be slowing down. This forecast provides some insight into the long-term outlook for mobile handsets and radio content which every RF supplier needs to see."

The 180-page report includes more than 150 charts and diagrams, plus a massive Excel model. The five-year forecast includes shipment, ASP, revenue and market share information for:

Filters and Duplexers
Front End Modules or FEMs (ASMs, TxMs, PADs, Switched Duplexer Banks, Diversity Filter Banks, and others)
Antenna Tuners and Impedance Match Tuners
Multimode, Multiband PAs (MMPAs)
Envelope Tracking Power Supplies
Terminals including handsets, tablets, PCs, and M2M
Carrier Aggregation
2x2, 4x4, and 8x8 MIMO for uplink and downlink

About Mobile Experts LLC:
Mobile Experts provides market analysis for the mobile infrastructure and mobile handset markets. Research topics center on technology introduction for radio frequency (RF) and communications innovation. Recent publications focus on Small Cells, Macro Base Station Transceivers, Semiconductors for RRH, Active Antenna Systems, Backhaul for Small Cells, Semiconductors for Small Cells, LTE-A, Cloud RAN, Sync in the HetNet, DASand 5G.

Source: Mobile Experts