RF Field Probes And Monitors

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These E-field laser probes contain an internal microprocessor that enables them to "think" for themselves and adapt to their environment. This provides optimal linearization, temperature compensation, control, and communication functions. AR's six E&H field probes cover the range from 100 kHz - 60 GHz, 0.4 to 1,000 V/m, 0.012 to 17 A/m.

Starprobe 1 Model FL7030 Laser Powered Probe  
Electric Field Laser Powered Probe, 5 kHz to 30 MHz, 1.5 to 300 V/m  
The newer model delivers extremely accurate field readings down to 1.5 V/m. It provides isotropic response of /- 0.5 dB over its frequency range.  
Starprobe 2 Model FL7006 Laser Powered Probe   
Electric Field Laser Powered Probe, 100 kHz to 6 GHz, 0.5 to 800 V/m  
The model FL7006 has been redesigned to meet the new IEC 6 GHz requirement and replaces the model FL7004. It now operates in the 0.1 MHz - 6 GHz frequency range. The FL7006 is much flatter out to 6 GHz than competitive products.  
Starprobe 3 Model FL7018 Laser Powered Probe  
Electric Field Laser Powered Probe, 3 MHz to 18 GHz, 1 to 1000 V/m  
Noise reduction and temperature compensation allow accurate measurement down to 1 V/m.  When rotated about its magic angle mount, it provides isotropic response of /-1.5 dB to 8 GHz.  
Because all Starprobe models are laser powered, they can operate continuously without recharging or replacing batteries.  
The AR Model FM7004 is a versatile electric and magnetic field monitoring system which performs all measurement display and control functions for field related testing. The FM7004 accepts inputs from up to 4 isotropic Field Probes which are all sold separately to match the test application. The FM7004 field monitor provides three digital interfaces (IEEE-488, USB 2.0, and RS-232) and a highly readable, user configurable, graphic Liquid Crystal Display. The monitor is menu driven and can be controlled from the front panel or remotely through any of the interfaces. The FM7004 displays up to four probe readings simultaneously, in any combination of the five "E" field or two "H" field 7000 series probes. Readings from each axis, plus the composite reading, are displayed simultaneously. The FM7004 recognizes each attached 7000 series probe (FP, FH,FL) and automatically displays the proper decimal places and units. Any faults that occur will be logged and the unit is programmed to be self correcting when possible. As a software driven instrument, field monitor software upgrades can be made through the USB port.  
Isotropic "E" Field Probe, 100 kHz to 3 GHz, 0.4 to 660 V/m FP7003
Isotropic "E" Field Probe, 3 MHz - 18 GHz, 0.6 - 1000 V/m FP7018
Isotropic "E" Field Probe, 300 MHz - 50 GHz, 8 - 614 V/m FP7050
Isotropic "E" Field Probe, 27 MHz - 60 GHz, 0.7 - 300 V/m FP7060
Isotropic "H" Field Probe, 300 kHz - 30 MHz, 0.012 - 17 A/m FH7103
Isotropic "H" Field Probe, 27 MHz - 1 GHz, 0.025 - 16 A/m FH7110
These new products are all ready for the 21st century, with a whole new level of accuracy, efficiency, intelligence and ease-of-use.  
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