RF Cosite Modeling Software: EMIT

Source: ANSYS, Inc.

EMIT (electromagnetic interference toolkit) is a type of simulation software used to predict EMI (electromagnetic interference) in complex RF environments containing multiple transmitters and receivers, and to predict in-band and out-of-band interference effects for all Tx/Rx (transmitter/receiver) pairs in the scene.

EMIT 4.0 Capabilities:

  • Predicts in-band and out-of-band EMI in complex RF environments containing multiple transmitters and receivers
  • Multiple linked views provides rapid "root-cause" identification of even the most devious EMI problems
  • Quickly test EMI mitigation strategies and evaluate their impact on the entire system
  • Determine the required antenna isolation or filtering to avoid interference
  • Multi-fidelity modeling approach works with valuable system data
  • Works seamlessly with data from EM simulation tools
  • Multi-channel wideband radio models capture in-band performance and out-of-band spurious and harmonic effects
  • Integrated radio model library can be expanded as needed
  • Models 1-on-1 and N-on-1 interference effects between RF systems, including intermodulation products
  • Include outboard RF components like filters, amplifiers, multiplexers, circulators, isolators, cables, and power dividers

For additional information on features and specifications, download the datasheet. To learn more about the applications in which EMIT can be used in, download the application notes. You can also contact Delcross Technologies directly to discuss your application.