RF Cable Assemblies


HUBER+SUHNER helps to spend less capital on assembly equipment and logistics due to its new one-stop-shopping service.

We offer you ready-to-use, high performance cable assemblies from one single source, produced by state-of-the-art methods from carefully selected cables and connectors.

LISCA-corrugated RF Cable Assembly
SUCOFLEX® TVAC - The cable assembly for thermal vacuum application
Field Mountable Microwave Cable: EACON
Low Loss Microwave Cable: SUCOFLEX 400
SUCOFORM Cables: Handformable
MULTIFLEX Flexible Cables
Flexible Low Loss Cables: S-SERIES
Test Leads Cable Assembly: SUCOTEST
High Performance Cable Assemblies: SUCOFLEX 100
Light Weight Cable Assemblies: SUCOFLEX 300
QUICK-LOCK for harsh environment and T+M

Choosing HUBER+SUHNER to build your coaxial cable assemblies offers the following advantages:

  • precisely matching cables and connectors from the same manufacturer
  • manufacturing in accordance with your requirements to meet your specifications
  • reduced inventory - no storage of cables and connectors
  • no capital investment required
  • no need to train your personnel
  • no rejects - perfect assembly every time

LISCA-corrugated RF Cable Assembly

LISCA cable assemblies are specially developed for applications where low VSWR and low attenuation combined with low intermodulation products are required. The excellent performance is achieved by utilizing corrugated SUCOFEED cables with low intermodulation designed connectors and a controlled assembly process with HUBER+SUHNER solder technology. This product line is designed to provide optimal performance up to 4 GHz.
LISCA  =  Low Loss and Low Intermodulation Soldered Corrugated Cable Assembly)


  • As jumper cables for indoor and outdoor applications
  • In antenna links and internal connections of mobile phone base stations
  • As test leads for low intermodulation test equipment


  • Excellent RF performance
  • Low attenuation
  • Low, stable intermodulation products
  • Moisture protection IP68

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LISCA-corrugated RF Cable Assembly Datasheet

SUCOFLEX® TVAC - The cable assembly for thermal vacuum application

In space product testing environment Test + Measurement support equipment with special features are needed. Devices under test (DUTs) in thermal vacuum chambers have to be connected with the test-equipment outside the chamber. Also satellites under test in vast vacuum test chambers need to be connected with RF-assemblies for testing. Outgassing requirements according to ESA-PSS-01-702 is a must. Contamination of the devices under test from solvents of plastic materials has to be avoided as they can lead to corrosion of the content of the thermal vacuum chamber.

The pressurization and depressurization of all components in the vacuum chamber, including the support equipment such as the cable assemblies, happens fast and within well defined parameters – this requires venting holes for non-hermetic components. With such holes in the connectors and defined evacuation paths in the cable and the

connector interface the best venting characteristics can be achieved, resulting in fast and non material-stressing adaptation to the applicable pressure.

Thanks to their good mechanical properties HUBER+SUHNER’s SUCOFLEX TVAC cables are ideally suited to such applications when combined with connectors with the strongest mechanical design. HUBER+SUHNER provides microwave cable assemblies and an RF-adaptor specially designed for these applications.


  • Extended temperature range
  • Low outgassing according ESA-PSS-01-702
  • Assemblies:
    – Superior mechanical and electrical stability
    – Vented connectors for fast evacuation and venting
    – TVAC assemblies with NOT vented connectors also available
    – Different connectors, frequency ranges, electrical features available
    – Other configurations according to customer requirements available
  • Adapter:
    – Hermetically sealed
    – Superior return loss performance

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Field Mountable Microwave Cable: EACON

To suit to the needs of our customers, HUBER+SUHNER has developed this innovative solution. EACON stands for a simple, flexible and fast way to assemble microwave cables and connectors in the field without compromises to the best performance. The new field mountable microwave cables and connectors are light and waterproofed, built for frequencies up to 18 GHz – ready for use in the defence market as well as generally in the industrial market.


  • Waterproof IP 68
  • Low loss
  • Usable up to 18 GHz
  • Extremely reliable
  • Assembling tool kit available
  • SMA, N, TNC connector

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Datasheet: Field Mountable Microwave Cable: EACON

Low Loss Microwave Cable: SUCOFLEX 400

The new SUCOFLEX 400 microwave cable family has been specifically developed for industrial, medical, test and measurement and ground defence applications, where the lowest loss, highest performance, best phase stability versus temperature and phase stability versus bending, excellent return loss and mechanical stability are of the utmost importance.

There will be a steady roll-out of SUCOFLEX 400 products for specific relevant markets starting with the SUCOFLEX 404 with straight male SMA, N, TNCA, QN and PC35 with quick mate also with straight female PC35 connector, which are available now.

Current RF systems for medical, defence and space applications must comply with the highest demands, so it is essential that the accompanying connection components meet the highest standards too. The new SUCOFLEX 400 family meets these demands.

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Datasheet: Low Loss Microwave Cable: SUCOFLEX 400

Semi-Rigid Cables

The semi-rigid cable is unique due to its easily bent-to-finished shape which maintains its set after bending. Versatile applications: low-noise amplifiers, a full range of microwave components, aerospace applications and a variety of high performance laboratory instrumentation. Semi-rigid cables provide greatly extended environmental parameters.

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Semi-Rigid Cables Datasheet

SUCOFORM Cables: Handformable

SUCOFORM microwave coaxial cables offer distinct mechanical advantages over semi-rigid cables. They are based on the same design as the standard PTFE-insulated semi-rigid cables, but have a tin-soaked copper braid for the outer conductor, giving them outstanding hand formability.

These cables combine the excellent characteristics of semi-rigid cables with those of flexible coaxial cables. Thanks to their small bending radii, they allow space-saving routing and packaging.

Features and benefits

  • excellent properties: low loss, high screening effectiveness, high operating frequency, high temperature range
  • due to the high phase stability over every production run, SUCOFORM is especially suitable for delay lines
  • good flexibility: easy handforming without tooling; fits into the smallest systems
  • comprehensive connector range; use of standard semi-rigid connectors
  • quick and easy assembly
  • available in long lengths and various versions

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SUCOFORM Cables Datasheet

MULTIFLEX Flexible Cables

MULTIFLEX microwave cables are the flexible alternative to Semi-Rigid cables. They are used in commercial and military RF and microwave airborne systems, communication systems, cellular base stations and satellite ground systems. In brief: anywhere a "flexible Semi-Rigid cable" is required.

Features and benefits

  • comparable electrical performance as corresponding Semi-Rigid cable types; high screening
  • high flexibility: no 3D drawings required for design and manufacture
  • Semi-Rigid connectors are available for a quick and easy assembly
  • resistant to chemicals, oils, lubricants, humidity, etc.

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MULTIFLEX Flexible Cables Datasheet

Flexible Low Loss Cables: S-SERIES

The S-SERIES is a portfolio of cost-efficient, low-loss microwave cables. It covers technically demanding requirements in a wide range of applications, preferably in fixed installations. These versatile cables feature a very low insertion loss across a wide frequency range. S-SERIES cables are easy to assemble and are made of environmentally friendly, halogen-free materials.

Features and benefits

  • low insertion loss
  • excellent screening effectiveness
  • wide frequency range
  • quick and easy to assemble
  • halogen-free
  • comprehensive connector range
  • cost-efficient, environmentally friendly solution for a wide range of applications
  • low moke free of halogen (LSFH) version available (S04262_B-01)

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S-SERIES Flexible Cables Datasheet

Test Leads Cable Assembly: SUCOTEST

The SUCOTEST cable assembly family ensures for fast, cost-efficient, reliable and accurate tests and measurements procedures.

The assemblies are the ideal solution for tough daily use in components and assembly shops, test labs and automatic test equipment applications. SUCOTEST cable assemblies are especially designed for applications that require repeated connection/disconnection procedures and where measurement cable wear is an issue.

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SUCOTEST Cables Datasheet

High Performance Cable Assemblies: SUCOFLEX 100

The flexible SUCOFLEX 100 series microwave cable assemblies offer superior electrical and mechanical performance for static and dynamic applications.

This series is a high-end product designed to provide optimal performance up to 50 GHz, where stringent electrical requirements, in particular stability and low loss, are important.

The mechanical and climatic resistance properties exceed those of standard flexible cables. This cable type is ideally suited for test+measurement applications (as test leads) and is used in aerospace and defence systems.

Features and benefits

  • the cable maintains stable electrical characteristics when exposed to bending and temperature, enabling reliable test results
  • a balanced range of connectors is available, including types featuring NWA-specific interfaces
  • can be provided with various ruggedizations to protect the assembly against different environmental influences
  • only available as assembly

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SUCOFLEX® 100 Datasheet

Light Weight Cable Assemblies: SUCOFLEX 300

The SUCOFLEX 300 lightweight, low-loss flexible microwave cable is a high-end product designed to meet the stringent needs of space flights systems (i.e. satellites) and aerospace systems (aircraft, helicopters, missiles), which are subject to extremely severe operating conditions.

The 300 series offer a consistently outstanding mechanical and electrical performance, stability and reliability up to 18 GHz. The added feature of this SUCOFLEX type is a weight reduction of up to 40% compared to our conventional products.

Features and benefits

... for space applications

  • assemblies produced in a clean environment room
  • application-specific lightweight connectors
  • extensive testing of assemblies
  • approved by Europe's leading satellite manufacturers

... for defence applications

  • lightweight reduces overall system weight and aids portability
  • rugged connectors made for easy serviceability
  • specialised range of connectors, continuously extended
  • comprehensive tested product range
  • high-end product approved for Europe's most sophisticated military aircraft
  • additional armours provide increased crush and abrasion resistance

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SUCOFLEX® 300 Datasheet

QUICK-LOCK for harsh environment and T+M

Harsh environment and humid climate
The SUCOFLEX microwave cable assembly connected with waterproofed QMA and QN connectors has been designed with users in mind who need 100% reliable, low loss, fast and space-saving interconnect solutions.

Easy measurement with snap-on test leads
SUCOTEST™ QMA cable assembly features excellent electrical performance characteristics (low insertion loss combined with unique loss stability and excellent return loss) up to 6 GHz. SUCOTEST™18 is ideal for daily use in components and assembly shops, test labs, and automatic test equipment applications.