Video | June 14, 2024

Discover Bird's New BNA1000 & BNA100 Series VNAs

Source: Bird

Dive into the world of precision with the newly introduced BNA1000 and BNA100 series USB Vector Network Analyzers, a testament to over 80 years of Bird's expertise in RF innovation.

The BNA1000 Series: Renowned for its precision and versatility, the BNA1000 series is engineered to excel in both R&D and manufacturing settings. Offering up to 8.5 GHz frequency range with 2 or 4-port options, this series is designed to address a broad spectrum of RF applications efficiently and cost-effectively. Whether it's the 2-port model for fundamental VNA tasks or the 4-port model for complex multi-port device analysis, the BNA1000 series ensures speed, accuracy, and reliability.

Unmatched Performance: Experience the exceptional with up to 130 dB dynamic range, capturing even the minutest signals with utmost precision. The BNA1000's rapid measurement speed of 42 microseconds per point is perfect for dynamic testing environments, from advanced manufacturing floors to sophisticated RF labs.

Convenience at Its Best: Managed via an external laptop, the BNA1000 series boasts advanced data processing and enhanced security, ensuring your data is always in safe hands.

Exploring the BNA100 Series: Embrace compact efficiency with the BNA100 series, a game-changer in reducing your test setup's footprint. Ideal for educational settings and SMEs, this series maintains high performance in a more economical package, offering up to 8.5 GHz frequency range and seamless software integration with the BNA1000 series.

Seamless User Experience: Navigate through your RF testing with ease, thanks to the intuitive software shared across the BNA series, designed to deliver consistent and user-friendly operation. Embark on a Journey of RF Excellence: Join us as we explore the cutting-edge features of the BNA family, designed to propel your product development and manufacturing testing to new heights. Ready to tap into 80 years of RF innovation? Visit Bird to learn more about our Vector Network Analyzers and how they can transform your RF analysis.