Remote Spectrum Monitor: MS27102A

Source: Anritsu Company
Remote Spectrum Monitor: MS27102A

The MS27102A is a remote spectrum monitor from Anritsu covering the 9 kHz to 6 GHz frequency range. With sweep rate capabilities up to 24 GHz/s, this monitor is able to mitigate interference problems, and find and identify any illegal or unlicensed signal activity. This monitor can also be used to characterize spectrum occupancy, and enforce compliance in government applications.

The remote spectrum monitor is provided with one RF input, but the option can be made for a second port for use with two antennas. The 20 MHz instantaneous FFT bandwidth on the MS27102A allows for wideband real-time captures of signal activity for subsequent post-processing. Multiple methods are utilized to communicate with the MA27102A including integrated web servers, SCPI programming, or VisionTM Software. This monitor is designed for outdoor environments in applications such as jail/prison monitoring, facility security, RF lab testing, illegal transmitter detection, or Positive Train Control (PTC).

For more features, specifications, and applications regarding the MS27102A monitor, download the brochure and datasheet.