Remote Analyzer with receiver characteristics: NRA-6000 RX

Source: Narda Safety Test Solutions GmbH

Remote controlled Remote Analyzer with receiver characteristics having an unusually comprehensive range of features, making it exemplary value for money. It is especially suitable for radio monitoring. NRA-6000 RX provides comprehensive analysis of all radio frequency ranges including the latest mobile communications bands (from TETRA through to GSM, UMTS, WiMAX and LTE).

The NRA can be quickly and economically integrated into practically any measurement environment for signal monitoring, thanks to its Ethernet interface and ASCII plain text remote control command set. Large quantities of data can be transmitted rapidly in binary format.

Product Features

  • Frequency resolution (RBW) from 10 Hz to 20 MHz
  • 50 dB input attenuator switchable in 1 dB steps
  • Display range from -150 dBm to +21 dBm (RBW = 10 Hz)
  • DANL < -155 dBm/Hz
  • < 1.2 dB level measurement uncertainty at 15°C to 30°C
  • High resolution spectrum with up to approx. 600,000 measurement points
  • Detector for fixed resolution (Bins), selectable data compression with +Peak, -Peak, or RMS storage for lower data transfer rates
  • ASCII or binary data transmission
  • Multi-Channel Power option: Simultaneous level measurement in up to 500 freely-definable channels
  • Level Meter (Zero Span) option: Resolution bandwidths from 100 Hz to 32 MHz
  • Scope and I/Q Data option: Real time analysis 100 Hz – 32 MHz in the time domain, I/Q data transfer up to 32 MHz CBW (blockwise), streaming up to 400 kHz CBW