RealProbe VEC-102

Source: Vectria Ltd.
The RealProbe VEC-102 is an in-circuit, high-accuracy RF probe covering the 10-7000 MHz frequency range...
The RealProbe VEC-102 is a high input impedance, in-circuit, high-accuracy RF probe covering the 10-7000 MHz frequency range. The RealProbe RF probe delivers unmatched performance with a nominal reading accuracy of less than /-0.5 db up to 6 GHz, 1 db point at 7 GHz!

This RF probe does not require special feeding and can be connected via a proper SMA cable to spectrum analyzers, network analyzers, power meters, frequency counters, and other relevant measurements equipment. The VEC-102 RF probe enables fast debuging, troubleshooting, and design verification starting at low IF frquencies up to 7 GHz.

RealProbe VEC-102 Features:

  • Broadband flat response up to 7 GHz
  • Integrated matched ground returns
  • Self aligning independent height contacts
  • Negligible effect on circuitry
  • Input/Output DC blocked
  • 25 W peak, 2 W average input power with no performance degradation
  • Compact design (special pocket case included)
  • Passive probe -- no need for special power supplies

Available Optional RealProbe VEC-102 Accessories:

  • VEC-104 -- RealProbe calibration jig for best absolute power measurements accuracy
  • VEC-105 -- One-meter RealProbe adapted flexible RF cable for accurate, reliable, and convenient relative measurements
  • VEC-105A -- One-meter RealProbe low loss RF cable for accurate and reliable absolute high-frequency measurements

RealProbe VEC-102 Downloads: