News | July 9, 2014

Acentury, Inc. Extends RADIOCOMM Low PIM Product Line

Acentury Inc. is pleased to announce it has extended its RADIOCOMM product line of low PIM RF components. Acentury Inc., founded in 2007, offers a full range of RF/Microwave components, cables, and test and measurement products.

According to Frank Ye, Managing Director of Acentury Inc. “We specialize in DAS system products offering a full range of standards models along with our in-house capacity to offer customized engineering services to produce solutions to meet our client’s requirements”.

The RADIOCOMM product lines are built based on Acentury’s existing models and integrated with the latest industry critical RF requirements for cellular networks from below 700MHz to 3GHz frequency range. This extensive low PIM product line includes components such as power splitter/combiners, diplexers, couplers, filters, termination loads, attenuators along with jumpers, testing and engineering RF cables assemblies. Acentury maintains high performance on the PIM and other RF characteristics to ensure our customers to minimize PIM interference, increase the in-building DAS systems’ performance and capacity, and save on the equipment costs significantly.

All the standard components models have been integrated into the iBwave database. System designers can easily access all the detailed specifications for each RADIOCOMM model or gain access through the website at

“We’ve been requested by our carrier and equipment vendor customers to these new models." said Frank Ye, “The RADIOCOMM product line combined with our knowledge, experience and expertise, will allow us to broadly expand into the global RF market place bringing greater value to both our current and new customers.”

Source: Acentury Inc.