Radar And Infrared Signature Management Capabilities

Source: IDS Ingegneria Dei Sistemi S.p.A.

Radar And Infrared Signature Management Capabilities

If detected, an aircraft will want to present as small a target as possible to make target identification difficult, and to increase countermeasure effectiveness. The primary means of avoiding detection is to appear invisible by reducing the aircraft radar (RCS) and infrared (IR) signatures. 

IDS delivers a wide range of consulting services and software services for such a task. These capabilities cover radar signature assessment and reduction of platforms and components, radar imaging and main scattering centers evaluation, FSS analysis and design, jet engine modulation analysis, scenario simulation and operational performance evaluation, IR signature assessment and reduction, IR imaging, thermal analysis, materials measurement, EM characterization, RCS measurement of static targets, SAR/ISAR imaging, RCS measurement of flying targets and jet engine modulation measurement.

Download the brochures above on the different software frameworks designed to assist in RCS/IR analysis and measurements.