News | December 29, 2021

Qorvo Expands Suite Of High-Performance, Wideband Power Amplifiers For Electronic Warfare And Radar Applications

GAN Technology Delivers Higher Saturated Power, Gain And Smaller Size Than GAAS-Based PAS

Qorvo, a leading provider of innovative RF solutions that connect the world, today introduced three new wideband power amplifiers (PAs) that offer industry-leading performance over the full 1-40 GHz frequency range to support demanding requirements for electronic warfare, radar and test equipment applications. The PAs are built on Qorvo’s highly reliable Gallium Nitride (GaN) QGaN15 and QGaN25 technologies and feature small footprints, delivering outstanding performance in wideband applications where size, weight and power are significant factors.

The new products include the Qorvo QPA0106, a wideband MMIC PA that delivers 18 watts of saturated power over the 1-6 GHz frequency range; the QPA2966D, which offers 20 watts of saturated power over the 2-20 GHz range; and the QPA2640D, which features 8 watts of saturated power over the 20-40 GHz range. They join the TGA2962, which was introduced in 2020 and offers 10 watts of power over the 2-20 GHz range.

Roger Hall, general manager of Qorvo's High Performance Solutions business, said, "The Qorvo portfolio of wideband PAs surpasses every performance parameter – power, power-added efficiency, bandwidth and large signal gain. These innovative products reflect our continued commitment to equip defense system designers with the highest-performing options that also reduce component count, footprint and costs."

The new products are available now to qualified customers and offer the following specifications:





Frequency Range

1-6 GHz

2-20 GHz

20-40 GHz


18 Watts

20 Watts

8 Watts





Large Signal Gain









7 x 7

3.6 x 6.9

5.8 x 3.5

Qorvo offers the industry's largest, most innovative GaN-on-SiC portfolio to help customers realize significant improvements in efficiency and operational bandwidth. The company's products deliver high power density, reduced size, excellent gain, high reliability and process maturity, with volume GaN production dating back to 2000.

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