Q-Net™ Satellite Bandwidth Manager

Source: Teledyne Microwave Solutions

Q-Netâ„¢ Satellite Bandwidth Manager

The Q-Net Satellite Bandwidth Manager is an open, scalable, fully-featured satellite resource management system utilizing new technology that combines unparalleled bandwidth-efficiency with flexible carrier management, and eliminates the choice between TDMA and SCPC solutions. 

Q-Net offers full network infrastructure management of resources and services such as performance managing, and real-time and historical data analysis. Other features include a single central server with automated backup, a sophisticated suite of web management tools for monitoring, control, analysis, & reporting, and advanced IP features including encryption, acceleration, compression, ACM, and traffic shaping. Ideal applications for the Q-Net system involve those that utilize point-to-point and point-to-multipoint IP, cellular E1 and IP backhaul, and ISPs.  

Q-NET™ Bandwidth Manager

Satellite resources are allocated from a centrally managed pool, allowing bandwidth to be shared amongst all users. Bandwidth can be allocated manually, scheduled at defined times or allocated dynamically based on current demand.

Q-NET™ Resource & Service Management

Q-NET™ supports the management of all network infrastructure resources and services through the use of a graphical Topology Editor with resource and service managers.

Q-NET™ Traffic Analyzer

The Traffic Analyser allows real time and historical analysis of network performance, as well as collates and maintains a set of performance data on the network itself. This includes precise bandwidth allocation and usage metrics allowing the overall effectiveness of the network to be readily identified. The Traffic Analyser is designed to allow operators to quickly become familiar with traffic patterns in the network to support better capacity and operational planning.

Q-NET™ Report Generator

The Report Generator allows the easy generation of system performance reports. The Report Generator allows any view of the network metrics to be exported as a PDF, PPT, spreadsheet or plain text document.

Additional Q-NET™ Features:

  • Scalable from small to large networks
  • Single central server with automated backup
  • Supports all network topologies
  • Sophisticated suite of web management tools for monitoring, control, analysis and reporting
  • Satellite roaming with automated beam switching for comms-on-the-move
  • Optional redundancy system to ensure the highest levels of system availability
  • Customizable support packages to give you the level of support you need

Download the datasheet, or check out the Q-Net™ video for more features and capabilities of the Q-Net Satellite Bandwidth Manager system.