Pulsed Klystron Amplifier: VKP-8291A/B

CPI - Pulsed Klystron

CPI/Microwave Power Products (MPP) offers klystrons for particle accelerator applications.

The VKP-8291A is an 805 MHz, 550 kW peak, 50 kW average long-pulse klystron for the US Department of Energy Spallation Neutron Source. The VKP-8291A fills 70 sockets at SNS. These tubes have a combined 1.3M filament hours through February 2008. The VKP-8291B is a higher power version also for SNS. It produces 700 kW peak, 63 kW average power.


  • Cathode-pulsed Electron gun
  • 6-cavity rf circuit, including one 2nd harmonic cavity for enhanced efficiency
  • Single output window
  • Collector capable of dissipating the entire beam power

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