Noisecom Programmable Noise Generator: RFX7000B


The Noisecom RFX7000B is a broadband AWGN noise generator designed with a powerful single board computer and flexible architecture for creating complex custom noise signals for advanced test systems. This platform features precision components that provide high output power with superior flatness, and the computer architecture allows control of multiple attenuators and switches.

The RF configuration includes a broadband noise source, noise path attenuator and a switch. The RF connection for the signal input and noise output can be located on either the front or rear panels of the instrument. An optional signal combiner, and signal attenuator allow independent control of the noise & signal paths to vary SNR while BER testing. The RFX7000B is primarily designed for automated and remote-control applications typically found in a rackmount test system, such as in military jamming, GPS receiver testing, spectrum analyzer calibration, and CATV testing.

For additional features and specifications on the RFX7000B, download the datasheet.