Datasheet | March 24, 2010

Product Overview: Thin Film Processing

Source: Cobham

Cobham MAL Ltd. has retained a thin film processing capability at its Milton Keynes facility for over 25 years. This well developed and regularly used process has been exploited by Cobham in its microwave assemblies and has been qualified into a number of aerospace, defense, communications and space products.

The advanced processing capability enables processing of a large range of materials and metallization. Previous designs have seen circuits fabricated on a number of substrates including Alumina, high performance/high dielectric Ceramics, Glass, Silicon, Ceramic-Silicon-Carbide, and Synthetic CVD Diamond. Metallization schemes include Titanium/Tungsten (TiW), Gold, Platinum, Silver, Nickel, Titanium and Chromium with Tantalum Nitride Resistors and plating of Gold, Nickel and Copper. Circuit features include track widths to 10µm, integrated resistors, plated and filled vias, diced to the required final circuit size or laser profiled.