Portable RF Analyzer Phase Stable Cable Assemblies

Source: Fairview Microwave
Portable RF Analyzer Phase Stable Cable Assemblies

Fairview Microwave introduces a new series of rugged, portable, phase stable RF analyzer cable assemblies ideal for handheld network analyzers, base station analyzers, portable spectrum analyzers, field testing, tower measurements, distance-to-fault measurement, and site maintenance applications. These 19 analyzers deliver excellent amplitude, phase stability with flexure, and operate at a maximum of 27 GHz.

The Fairview cable assemblies are designed with a UV-resistant jacket, stainless steel body connectors and silver-plated copper conductors. They also include multi-layer armor for torque resistance and 1200 psi of crush resistance. Cables are available with 7/16, N, SMA, TNC, or 3.5mm connector options, and test data is included with each serialized assembly. They can be used as replacement cables for Sitehawk®, Site Master, FieldFox® or CellAdvisor® handheld analyzers.

For more information on these cable assemblies, download a sample datasheet, or visit the Fairview Microwave webpage.