News | March 12, 2013

Piconics And Modelithics Partner To Develop Broadband Models Of Conical Inductors


Piconics, Inc. and Modelithics, Inc. have collaborated to upgrade the previous Piconics conical inductor S-parameter models to full equivalent circuit models, now offering substrate scalability/selectability, series and shunt configurations, and broadband validation up to  as high as 65 GHz for some configurations. These models represent the first comprehensive, measurement-based equivalent circuit models for conical inductors in the Modelithics Library. The conical inductor models are currently available as Pre-Release models and will be added to the next version of the Modelithics Library of advanced high frequency simulation models in 2013. The models are compatible with Agilent ADS and Genesys and AWR’s Microwave Office simulators. Visit the Piconics MVP page for more information and to request model downloads at:

Brian Goodhue, VP Engineering for Piconics, states, “Engineers are increasingly utilizing our conical inductors past the 40 GHz mark. We are excited to be able to provide them with highly accurate models up to 65GHz for their design simulations through our partnership with Modelithics.”

“Piconics has been great to work with and a very welcome addition to the Modelithics Vendor Partner Program. They are a true innovator in high frequency broad-band inductors and we are honored to have the opportunity to collaborate in developing what we believe are the most advanced and versatile models available in the industry for conical inductors,” commented John Fisher, VP of Operations for Modelithics.

About Modelithics, Inc.
Modelithics, Inc. was formed in 2001 to address the industry-wide need for high-accuracy RF and microwave active and passive simulation models for use in Electronic Design Automation (EDA). Current products include the CLR Library, which contains measurement-based Global Models  for a multitude of commercially-available passive component families, the NLD Library (non-linear diode models) the NLT Library (non-linear transistor models), and the SLC Library (system level component models). Modelithics’ services also address a wide range of custom RF and microwave measurement and modeling needs. Modelithics is a registered trademark of Modelithics, Inc. CLR Library, NLD Library, NLT Library, and the SLC Library are also trademarks of Modelithics, Inc. For more information, visit

About Piconics, Inc.
Piconics is a world-class supplier of high-quality microelectronic coil inductors for a wide variety of applications in the space, military, telecom, test & measurement and medical electronics industries. Piconics specializes in miniature MIL-Spec grade inductors along with tight tolerance, fine AWG windings such as the Broad-band Conical and Microwave Air Coil Inductors. Piconics keeps the innovative spirit alive by continuing to work with industry leaders in microelectronics to provide inductor solutions to the most challenging problems. The Engineering team at Piconics continues the philosophy of promoting and innovating high-quality microelectronic inductors for the industries’ most cutting edge applications. Piconics is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company with all manufacturing taking place in Tyngsboro, MA USA.

SOURCE: Modelithics, Inc.