2 MHz to 26 GHz Signal Source Analyzer: Model 7300

Source: Berkeley Nucleonics Corporation

2 MHz to 26 GHz Signal Source Analyzer: Model 7300

This signal source analyzer is an all-in-one compact system that conducts measurements down to -180 dBc/Hz. It covers the 2 Mhz to 26 GHz frequency range and has a 50 MHz offset.

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The model 7300 is part of Berkeley Nucleonics’ family of signal source analyzers It’s ideal for applications involving automated production testing, crystal oscillator and voltage controlled oscillator testing, PLL synthesizer locking and characterization, and supply noise verification. It features the ability to measure both residual and additive noise and offers selectable internal or external reference sources.

For additional information on features and specifications, download the datasheet. To see how the 7300 stacks up against competitive phase noise testers, download the comparison chart.

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