26.5 GHz Phase Noise Analyzer: NXA-26

Source: Noise XT
26.5 GHz Phase Noise Analyzer: NXA-26

This phase noise analyzer measures Absolute and Residual phase noise and offers Amplitude noise options. It can also measure phase and amplitude noise on pulsed signals.

The NXA-26 phase noise analyzer features dual channel architecture, allowing the system to provide access to the unique noise floor performance of the DCNTS through a cross-correlation process that cancels the analyzer’s internal noise floor.

With its internal frequency references, measurements are made extremely easy with­out the hassle of connecting cables and tweaking settings. However, when ultimate per­formance is required, the capability to use external reference sources like crystal oscil­lators, SAWs or SLCOs pushes the instrument noise floor down to the thermal noise. Additional information can be found on the available datasheet.