News | March 13, 2013

Pharad To Debut Photonic Cosite Interference Mitigation System For RF Over Fiber Links


Pharad will debut the latest addition to its line of products for RF over Fiber systems at the 2013 OFC/NFOEC Exposition held in Anaheim, CA on March 19 – 21, 2013. The company has developed the first all-optical interference mitigation system that can be directly integrated with a fiber optic RF signal distribution architecture.

The photonic module comprises an active interference cancellation circuit that reduces cosite interference between a co-located transmit and receive antenna. It can be readily interfaced with Pharad’s existing line of high performance fiber optic links that support the transport of RF signals over a wide range of frequency bands.

“The launch of the Photonic Cosite Interference Mitigation system adds a unique new capability to our existing line of RF over Fiber technology products,” said Austin Farnham, President of Pharad. “Cosite interference is a common problem in wireless communication systems. Pharad is addressing this challenge through the development of a novel approach to conventional electronic interference mitigation techniques. Our photonic cosite interference mitigation system benefits from the inherent broadband properties of photonic links. It is ideal for antenna remoting applications where optical fiber is used to create low loss connections between antennas and transmitting/receiving hardware.”

The transport of RF signals over optical fiber offers a number of benefits over conventional RF coaxial cables including reduced cabling size and weight; low loss over a wide RF bandwidth; and improved signal isolation. Pharad's RF over Fiber products support a diverse range of applications including wireless backhaul, antenna remoting, SATCOM platforms as well as RF distribution systems for defense platforms.

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