PETS (Portable Electronic Threat Simulator): Mission Readiness Validation By Runway Or Dockside Testing

Source: D-TA Systems Inc.

PETS is a rapidly deployable EW threat simulator for short-range (dockside or runway) testing of EW receivers for operational readiness validation.

PETS emulates dense Electromagnetic Operational Environment (EMOE) with sufficient power for short range ( <100 m) over-the-air (OTA) testing. At 12 GHz frequency, PETS can provide -50 dBm of radiated power at the skin of the target 100m away. The antenna (dual-ridged horn) beamwidth is approximately 16 degrees in azimuth and elevation. PETS also offers direct injection output port.

PETS is delivered with a very powerful software suite for generating complex EMOEs comprising of multiple platforms, threat signals, operating modes, and battlefield scenarios with 2D & 3D visualizations. The capability is augmented by D-TA’s open-source and unclassified threat library (DEW-DOS) with over 10,000 emitters.