News | October 7, 2020

Passive Plus, Inc. Offers Hi-Q/Low ESR Capacitors

PPI is known for their outstanding Customer Service, high quality product line, competitive pricing, and quick delivery times. While other companies are pushing out their lead-times for product delivery, PPI is committed to delivering our quality components as quickly as possible. As PPI tries to keep a full inventory in stock, depending on the component and quantities needed, delivery times can be stock to 8 weeks.

0505C/P series:
Size: .055” x.055”
Value Range: 0.1pF – 1000pF
WVDC: 150V

Extended WVDC: 300V

TCC: C: 0 ± 30 PPM/°C (-55°C to 200°C)
          P: +90 ± 20 PPM/°C (-55°C to 200°C)

1111C/P series:
Size: .110” x.110”
Value Range: 0.1pF – 10,000pF
WVDC: 500V

Extended WVDC: 1500V
TCC: C: 0 ± 30 PPM/°C (-55°C to 200°C)
          P: +90 ± 20 PPM/°C (-55°C to 200°C)

Terminations Available: Magnetic or Non-Magnetic 100% RoHS Tin or Tin/Lead terminations (90% Sn 10% Pb solder, SnPb 90/10)

Engineering Design Kits for the 0505C/P and 1111C/P cases sizes are available in magnetic and non-magnetic terminations.

The 1111C/P series is also available with microstrip leads.

About Passive Plus, Inc.
PPI is a manufacturer of high-performance RF/Microwave passive components specializing in High-Q, Low ESR/ESL Capacitors, Broadband Capacitors, Single Layer Capacitors, Non-Magnetic Resistors (High Power and Thin Film) and Trimmer Capacitors for the Medical, Semiconductor, Military, Broadcast, and Telecommunications Industries.

Source: Passive Plus, Inc. (PPI)