Passive components

Passive components

HUBER+SUHNER (H&S) offers a comprehensive range of high-quality RF components designed with stable characteristics for the varying needs of in-building or distributed antenna networks, railways, and other test and measurement applications. The adaptors, terminators, and attenuators are compatible with one another, and are very high quality due to H&S’s many years of experience in the development and production of radio frequency components.


H&S offers a wide range of adaptors in various types and configurations. The four major groups include the standard, precision, passive intermodulation (PIM), and quick-mate adaptors. Click here for more information.


Terminators (a.k.a RF loads or dummy loads) are applied to an open end of a transmission line to prevent the back-reflection of an RF signal. They may be used in many applications such as test and measurement, defense, and communications. Click here to learn more.


These RF attenuators are designed to reduce the signal power without causing waveform distortion in applications such as test and measurement, and communications. Click here for more information.