News | May 4, 2020

Palma Ceia SemiDesign Boma Technology Co., Ltd. Launches 802.11ax Transceiver For Wi-Fi 6

The new transceiver has unique features to support IoT communications, including 1024 QAM modem and OFDMA

Palma Ceia SemiDesign (PCS), a provider of next-generation wireless communication solutions, today announced the completion of tape-verified 802.11ax RF transceivers, this chip is also known as Wi-Fi 6. Palma Ceia SemiDesign's Wi-Fi 6 RF transceiver chip is an important foreshadowing of new products to be launched in the second half of this year, which will greatly expand the application scenarios of the company's Wi-Fi wireless communication product line.

Roy E. Jewell, CEO of Palma Ceia SemiDesign, said: "This is our first IP for Wi-Fi 6, which is crucial for our company to expand its wireless communication chip product line. This chip is the industry's leading 20 MHz bandwidth 'S single-chip RF transceiver, it will be used to support higher Wi-Fi 6 rates. "

Wi-Fi 6 is the abbreviation of the Wi-Fi Alliance for the 802.11ax standard and is the latest version of the 802.11 standard for wireless local area network transmission. Wi-Fi 6 will be compatible with historical Wi-Fi standards including previous 802.11ac versions.

Roy E. Jewell said: "Given that the next generation of wireless communication technology is being quickly accepted by the market, we expect our customers to quickly discover application scenarios suitable for the characteristics of Wi-Fi 6 and develop highly creative applications. Procedures are used to increase the productivity of employees and customers."

Advantages of Wi-Fi 6
Compared with the Wi-Fi standard of 802.11ac or earlier, the new 802.11ax has many obvious advantages, including a higher theoretical transmission rate value of 9.6 Gbps compared to the 3.5 Gbps rate of 802.11ac, and more orthogonal frequency domains. Road access function (OFDMA), that is, wireless transmission of encoded digital data.

Co-founder and COO James E. Flowers said: "In addition to the advantages of transmission speed, OFDMA technology allows the router to communicate with multiple Wi-Fi devices at the same time, thereby greatly reducing the high-density transmission in a single network. The negative impact, even if more devices need real-time data, the connection can remain stable. This new transceiver uses TSMC's 28-nanometer process, optimized to achieve the lowest power consumption operation, thus integrating the company's product line Expanded to the new generation of Wi-Fi 6 communication standards. "

James E. Flowers also said: "Through targeted wake-up time setting and dual-carrier modulation, you can save a lot of power consumption and increase the transmission distance for communication devices, so that it can be an IoT device that does not require continuous operation (such as daily or Remote sensors that regularly update data weekly) provide better performance, "

Application field
Application scenarios where the speed advantage and other features of Wi-Fi 6 are expected to be more easily reflected include:

  • Large public places
  • Transportation hub
  • Smart city and factory
  • Campus and university environment
  • Home office
  • Smart home

In addition, Palma Ceia SemiDesign also provides HaLow and NB-IOT products for many of the same application scenarios. In some scenarios, terminal devices supplied by battery power can run for 10 years or more.

About Palma Ceia SemiDesign
Palma Ceia SemiDesign is a Cayman Islands company dedicated to providing IP and chips for next-generation WiFi and cellular applications. PCS focuses on the development of the latest WiFi and LTE communication standards and supports the design of high-performance devices such as broadband, wireless, medical and automotive applications. The Palma Ceia solution is known for its low power consumption, high performance and easy integration. The company is headquartered in Hong Kong, the US business unit is located in Santa Clara, California, has design centers in Hong Kong and McKinney, Texas, and sales and sales offices in China, Israel, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. stand by. For more information, visit

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