News | February 16, 2017

OSI Laser Diode Introduces InGaAs Avalanche Photodiode

EDISON, New Jersey - February 15, 2017 – OSI Laser Diode, Inc. (LDI), an OSI Systems Company, introduces the LAPD 3050, an indium gallium arsenide (InGaAs) avalanche photodiode (APD) module that is designed for light level detection and/or signal transmission applications.  The new 50 µm active area device features low dark current, low back reflection, and high speed (2.5 Ghz) in a miniature package.  With spectral response from 1000 nm to 1650 nm at 25 degrees C, the typical operational wavelength is 1550 nm.

The APD is housed in a hermetically sealed 3-pin coaxial package and coupled to a single-mode fiber pigtail. The overload-tolerant LAPD 3050 device is ideal for use in optical time-domain reflectometers (OTDRs), line receivers, and long haul applications. The breakdown voltage is from 50 V (min.) to 70 V (max.) and operating and storage temperatures range from -40 degrees C to +85 degrees C.

For more information about OSI Laser Diode’s new LAPD 3050 InGaAs APD module, call +1 732-516-6520.  To learn more about the company’s full line of world-class optoelectronic standard products and custom or OEM photonic solutions for medical, aerospace/defense, communications, and industrial markets, please visit

OSI Laser Diode, Inc. (LDI -, founded in 1967, is a global leader in laser diode technology, providing advanced optoelectronic products that serve the military/aerospace, telecom/datacom (short and long haul), commercial, industrial, and medical markets.


Source: OSI Laser Diode, Inc. (LDI)